Firefox add-on for peeking at your app tabs from anywhere without losing your browsing context, via the keyboard.
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peek logo of eyeball peeking up from bottom

Quickly peek at your favorite web pages without breaking your flow.

Peek lets you choose 10 web pages to open with a keyboard shortcut, without opening a new tab, and able to close with the escape key.

I use this for:

  • Translating text
  • See my Github notifications
  • Calendar schedule
  • Check email periodically instead of having it open all the time
  • Stock or cryptocurrency prices
  • Slack instances I don't want loaded all the time
  • Check the weather


  • Create up to 10 bookmarks with "peek#" plus the number 0-9 in the title. Eg "My favorite website peek#1".

  • Use the keyboard shortcut alt+shift plus the number you put in the bookmark title to peek at that URL.

  • A new minimal window will open with your chosen URL loaded.

  • Hit the escape key to close the window.

(If no bookmark is configured for an index, Peek will just load about:home.)


  • ESC doesn't work sometimes

  • test on windows/linux

  • fix window to have a maximum size

  • add feature to long-press links to peek (in pb mode?)