Quick command execution for Firefox.
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Cmd - Quick command execution for browsers

Cmd allows you to quickly execute commands via a small keyboard-activated panel.

Install for Firefox


  • This is the WebExtension version of the older add-on.
  • It is experimental.
  • It only supports execution of bookmarklets at this time.

Usage and features:

  • Launch with control/command+shift+space.
  • Start typing to see matching commands.
  • Hit the tab key to cycle through multiple matches (shift+tab to cycle backwards). Example: type "pre" and hit tab a bunch of times.
  • Hit enter to select the current match.
  • Hit escape to hide cmd without selecting a command.
  • The last executed command is shown by default.
  • Sorting: Results are sorted by the number of times you've selected that result.
  • Adaptive matching: The first result for what you type will the last-selected command for those typed characters (eg: "bo" -> "Bookmark this page").


Next version (iow, done but not on AMO yet)

  • Add other basic built-ins like "bookmark", "email page to"


  • Why no work on Github?
  • Document existing commands
  • Fix underlining
  • Define and document command syntax
  • Remote commands (via manifest?)
  • Add basic web page commands like Ubiquity's built-ins
  • Map the path to Ubiquity preview panels
  • Add command chaining