Context - Using old smartphones as stationary IoT devices
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Context - Using old smartphones as stationary IoT devices

Overview: Turning sensors into signals for human consumption.

  • Use existing hardware like old smartphones.
  • Use built-in sensors to passively derive as much meaning from ambient information as possible.
  • Privacy: eg, not recording voice, just presence/absence of sound.


  • No sound for 2hrs, something is wrong. Mom had a heart attack.
  • While traveling, get notification of power outage at home.
  • While at work, get notification of "Joe's iPhone" in the house. WTF.
  • Getting dark and no people are around, so turn the lights off.
  • How am I sleeping? Analyse relative noise/motion.
  • You haven't left the house in 5 days (Genevieve Bell)


There's no UI for this yet.

Example code for listening to a sensor and taking action based on it.

// Notify me when the power goes out.

var trigger = {
  source: 'source-power',
  signal: 'batteryCharging',
  value: false // trigger when the value for batteryCharging changes to false

var notification = {
  title: 'Power Outage',
  description: 'The power went out!'

registerTrigger([matcher], [], [notification]);

// Take a picture and send it to me when a new Bluetooth device is detected.

var trigger = {
  source: 'source-bluetooth-devices',
  signal: 'bluetoothDevice'

var action = {
  id: 'takePicture',
  timeout: 1000

var notification = {
  title: 'New Bluetooth Device',
  description: 'New Bluetooth device detected.'

registerTrigger(matcher, action, notification);


Sources & Signals

  • Hardware capabilities are 'sources', eg Wifi.
  • Sources can emit multiple signals, eg 'current wifi connection lost', 'new wifi network found'
  • Properties: ** sourceId (string), eg 'bluetooth' ** sourceLabel (string), eg 'Bluetooth' ** sourceIcon (string URL) ** signalId: (string), eg 'newdevice' ** signalLabel (string): Readable description ** signalIcon (string URL) ** type (string), 'scalar' or 'stream' ** value (anything)


  • Triggers match signal events and configures notifications in response.
  • Can assign notifications per trigger for each criticality level
  • Properties: ** events (array), Array of event matcher objects ** actions (array), Array of actions ** notifications (array), Array of notifications

Event Matching Triggers

  • An object that configures how a trigger matches against a signal
  • Properties: ** sourceId (string, reqd), id of source ** signalId (string, reqd), id of signal ** value: (mixed, opt), Unsure yet. Regex? Matching function? How to handle streams? Percent change? ** criticality (int, 1-3, reqd), the criticality resulting from a match


  • Properties: ** title ** description ** icon ** criticality (int, 1-3) ** data


  • actions to take based on a trigger match
  • TODO results are included in notifications somehow ** actionId (string), eg 'takePicture' ** actionLabel (string), eg 'Take picture' ** actionIcon (string URL), URL of icon ** actionOutput
  • action request ** actionId ** timeout



Implement broad classifications:

  • home vs away vs asleep
  • people present - active or not
  • relative noisiness
  • a person is in my house (bluetooth, sound, speech)
  • a person has arrived
  • a person has departed
  • how many people are around
  • detect a cat, dog, bird


  • set up some default triggers: power, camera, sound
  • trigger support for cache in matches (eg: new bluetooth device, compared to if ever found)
  • triggers for any value change (eg, true/false in batteryCharging - you want to know when the power goes back on)
  • fix tests (use default triggers?)
  • datastorage should be in signal?
  • notification system: expand to use plugins
  • rewrite ui render using triggers?
  • fix sound variable cache length
  • fix stream data scaling
  • persist data (have viz pull from persistent cache?)
  • settings UI for ifttt maker channel
  • settings UI integration for trigger/notification
  • check notifications config against web notification spec
  • list unsupported sensors (output to console?)
  • generated docs from sources


  • storage infra (pouchdb)
  • store module logs
  • action system (takePicture, recordSound, saySomething, webRequest, beep,
  • move everything to a worker?
  • Connect listener devices via NFC, which installs app and registers for push notifications

Fun Stuff TODO

  • generated music
  • wifi networks add/remove
  • light
  • motion