Firefox add-on providing simple vi directional keys. Nothing else.
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Firefox extension with a few vi(m) keybindings.

Supported Commands

  • h : scroll left
  • j : scroll down
  • k : scroll up
  • l : scroll right
  • gg : go to the top of the page
  • G (shift-g) : go to the bottom of the page
  • gt : go to the next tab
  • gT : go to the previous tab
  • {n}gt : go to the nth tab

Commands can be repeated as in vim. Example: 50j will scroll down 50 lines.


  • Originally by the author of this O'Reilly post
  • Packaged by Arno, a commenter there
  • Updated and repackaged by me on AMO
  • Documented by Christopher Svec
  • Rewritten from scratch with the WebExtensions API for Firefox 53 and after (and a few before) by me