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Make sure you have the Java JDK 13 or higher installed and working properly.


Download Eclipse if you don't have it yet. It must be the EE edition. Any version should be fine, although newer versions are advised.

To enable syntax highlight for JaCaMo, install the Eclipse plugin using this tutorial up to, and including, Step 10.

After restarting Eclipse, select the following menu option:

File > Import > Git > Projects from Git > Clone URI

Copy and paste it on the URI field.

Proceed until the "select a wizard to use for importing projects" screen, then pick Import existing Eclipse projects and click next and then finish.


We used the Fast Downward ( planner. It should be possible to use another planner, as long as it supports the same subset of PDDL that FD does, but remember to modify the file planner/ accordingly with the command to run the new planner.

After installing FD (, make sure the planner is working by itself by running it with a simple domain and problem file.

Finally, in the Eclipse project, navigate to planner/ and change the beginning of line 5 /home/angelo/git/planner/./ to the path where your is installed.

How to run

We used JUnit to run both the server and our JaCaMo code at the same time.

To run the sample map, right-click test/lfc/agentcontest2020/ file, "Run as", "jUnit Test". The server's output is shown on the Eclipse console. The JaCaMo output is loaded into a separate window. Press enter at the Eclipse console to start the simulation.

How to watch the match live

Open this link


MLFC team code for the 2020 Multi-Agent Programming Contest.






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