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Alterant is a lightweight provisioning tool built with ease of use, security, and flexibility in mind - Alter your machine with ease.


  • Encrypts sensitive data with OpenPGP keys
  • Allows flexible organization of configurations
  • Installs dotfiles with symlinks
  • Executes scripts defined within the YAML
  • Automatically resolves dependecies
  • Intelligently performs updates
  • Easy installation with zero dependencies


Install the latest release in your $PATH. Releases can be verified with Autonomy's public PGP Key.


For usage and examples see the Documentation.


Alterant utilizes static C libraries in order to make distributing the binary extremely easy. Install these libraries with your package manager of choice.

# yum -y localinstall

After the C dependencies are installed get the source and prepare it for pull requests.

$ go get -d
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ git remote rename origin upstream
$ git remote add origin $FORK_URL

Install the Go related dependencies.

$ make vendor
$ make deps

Hack away and compile the binary for your target.

$ make [linux|darwin]

Contributing guidelines can be seen in

Built With

  • Go
  • Git2Go - libgit2 bindings
  • OpenPGP - Golang implementation
  • OpenSSL


As well as the contributors.


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 - see for details.