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The software that runs on the AutoPi dongle.

What is AutoPi?

AutoPi is a cloud platform, and a hardware device that works together, and the aim is to serve as a platform for various car projects, as the platform is open and allows for easy customization. It is built on a Raspberry Pi, and can use both Zero and 3, and is using a lightly modified version of Raspbian.

Getting Started

We are working on a getting started guide that will show how to get a virtual saltstack master server up and running, along with autopi core running on either a virtual salt minion, or an actual device.

For now, the focus of this repository is to give people an idea about what is going on on the device, what commands are available, and how they work.


The AutoPi Core is documentated here:


The main requirement is saltstack, as this is the platform on which this reposity is built.

Built With


We appreciate contributions, in any form, be it comments, issues, changes to the code, etc.

One rule: be nice :)


This project is licensed under the Apache License - see the LICENSE file for details