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NATS on Autopilot

This image uses ContainerPilot to register NATS with Consul. As you scale out the number of NATS containers they will be automatically clustered together. Furthermore, a health check is also performed in the container to ensure that each NATS instance is healthy.

Environment Variables

  • CONSUL hostname where consul can be found
  • CONSUL_AGENT determines if the consul agent is executed in the container
  • LOG_LEVEL ContainerPilot specific log level to use, defaults to INFO
  • NATS_USER username to use for cluster authorization, defaults to ruser
  • NATS_PASSWORD password to user for cluster authorization, defaults to T0pS3cr3t


Please either run to create a _env file or create one manually. The script expects that the triton-cli is installed and a profile is setup for docker to connect to a Triton datacenter.

Example Usage

docker-compose -f local-compose.yml up -d
docker-compose -f local-compose.yml scale nats=3

Look at the monitoring page for routez for one of the NATS servers and observe that they are clustered.