Implementation of the Autopilot Pattern for Postgres
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Autopilot Pattern Postgres

This repo serves as a blueprint demonstrating Postgres designed for automated operation using the Autopilot Pattern.

DockerPulls DockerStars

Environment Variables

  • CONSUL: consul hostname
  • CONSUL_AGENT: determines if the consul agent is executed in the container
  • DEBUG: used to control the Node.js debug module
  • LOG_LEVEL: control the amount of logging from ContainerPilot
  • PGDATA: sets the location of the Postgres database files
  • POSTGRES_DB: the name of the Postgres database
  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD: the password used to access the Postgres database
  • POSTGRES_USER: the username used to access the Postgres database

Example Usage

$ cd examples/compose
$ docker-compose up -d
$ docker-compose scale db=3

The first instance creates a Postgres master. All additional instances create read-only replicas.

Modifying this Pattern

This image extends the official postgres:9.6.4-alpine image. Postgres can be configured as needed by modifying etc/pg_hba.conf, etc/postgresql.conf.ctmpl, and etc/recovery.conf.ctmpl, and then rebuilding the image.