AutoPkg 1.0.4

@hjuutilainen hjuutilainen released this Mar 5, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

1.0.4 (March 05, 2018)


  • All GitHub API requests are now performed using curl. This fixes TLS errors with
    GitHubReleasesInfoProvider processor and autopkg search functionality on macOS 10.12
    and earlier. (GH-408)


  • A GitHub token can now be specified in AutoPkg preferences (GITHUB_TOKEN) or in a file: ~/.autopkg_gh_token (Original PR was GH-407, code merged here as part of GH-408: 8e0f19b)
  • In parent trust info, store paths within user home as ~/some/path. When verifying
    trust info, expand ~ to current user home directory.
  • FlatPkgUnpacker, PkgPayloadUnpacker and PkgRootCreator will now create intermediary
    directories (GH-401)
  • URLDownloader and URLTextSearcher now accept curl_opts input variable to provide
    additional arguments to curl (GH-384, GH-386)