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@gregneagle gregneagle released this May 24, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

This is the official release of AutoPkg 1.1. It is the same build as 1.1 Release Candidate 2.

1.1 (May 29, 2019)


  • Add --compress option to curl calls in SparkleUpdateInfoProvider and URLTextSearcher
    to work around websites that return compressed results even when request does not indicate
    they will be accepted. (GH-461)
  • URLDownloader: Better handling of more HTTP 3xx redirects (GH-429)
  • Better handling of paths starting with ~/ (GH-437) (603f220)
  • generate_processor_docs sorts the sidebar alphabetically (GH-520)


  • New --force option for autopkg make-override (GH-425)
  • Add -q/--quiet option to suppress Github search and suggestions (GH-426)
  • New new-recipe subcommand (f92a0a4)
  • Added DeprecationWarning processor to core processors (7b4abac)


  • Code run through several processors/formatters (flake8, isort, black, python-modernize) to
    prepare for Python 3 compatibility
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