Processor URLTextSearcher

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Downloads a URL using curl and performs a regular expression match on the text.

Requires version 0.2.9.

Input Variables

    • default: /usr/bin/curl
    • required: False
    • description: Path to curl binary. Defaults to /usr/bin/curl.
  • re_flags:
    • required: False
    • description: Optional array of strings of Python regular expression flags. E.g. IGNORECASE.
  • url:
    • required: True
    • description: URL to download
  • result_output_var_name:
    • default: match
    • required: False
    • description: The name of the output variable that is returned by the match. If not specified then a default of "match" will be used.
  • request_headers:
    • required: False
    • description: Optional dictionary of headers to include with the download request.
  • re_pattern:
    • required: True
    • description: Regular expression (Python) to match against page.

Output Variables

  • result_output_var_name:
    • description: First matched sub-pattern from input found on the fetched URL. Note the actual name of variable depends on the input variable "result_output_var_name" or is assigned a default of "match."