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JSS Production Recipes

Warning: in active, but early, development!

JSS Production Recipes (.jss-prod) are intended to work alongside .jss recipes in order to control the promotion of products to production.


jss_helper can easily add a package to an existing policy. So, if you are happy to manually create the production policies, you probably don't need to read any further. However, if you wish to automate the creation of your production policies and associated smart groups, these recipes can do that for you.

These recipes are also designed to create a separate, trigger-only policy scoped to all computers. This allows you to build a list of triggers that can be used in onboarding scripts, DEPNotify, SplashBuddy etc., or for separate, auto-install and auto-update policies. (A further iteration of this project, already in use internally at my organisation, automatically creates those policies too.)


Rather than have the .pkg recipe as the Parent Recipe, this project includes a Processor named JSSRecipeReceiptChecker. This reads the latest receipt from the AutoPkg run of the .jss recipe of the same NAME as the .jss-prod recipe, and gathers the required information to produce the production policy and smart group:

  • pkg_path
  • version

Since there is no parent recipe, and the pkg source is predictable as the Cache folder of the .jss recipe, a single recipe named ProdSelfService.jss-prod.recipe can be used for most production policies. All that is required is to make a Recipe Override for each application, substituting the NAME value.

It is also possible to override many other keys if required - just check out the Input variables in ProdSelfService.jss-prod.recipe to see what's overridable.

I am providing some .jss-prod recipes in this folder, which take as the parent. In most cases it isn't actually required to have a recipe for all apps, just an override, but it is a valid option, and could make it easier for people to use.

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