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Put together a quick recipe to help test out Mac DEP workflows using Jamf Pro and NoMADLoginAD.

This recipe has been updated to use authchanger instead of security authorizationdb write system.login.console referencing a text file on disk.

  1. Download the latest version of NoMAD Login AD from
  2. Run NoMADLogin-x.x.pkg - the non-authchanger installer package.
  3. Open this recipe's /scripts/postinstall in your favorite text editor to change preferences as you'd like ( Add, remove, or comment out preferences as needed. Note defaults write commands are used in favor of a profile when using Jamf Pro due to lack of await configuration support. As a result, profiles might not be installed by the time NoMAD Login launches.
  4. Run the recipe.
  5. Include in the first enrollment complete policy to kick off during your DEP workflow.
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