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AutoPkg recipes from psaintemarie, made with 🍷, πŸ₯– and πŸ§€ in Paris, France.
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AppGate SDP


These are my recipes for AutoPkg. If you use them, click the β˜… Star button at the top of the page to show your support.

Many of these (the only one for now) recipes were created with the aid of Recipe Robot, an app you should definitely check out.


To add my repo to your Mac (with AutoPkg and Git already installed), run this command:

autopkg repo-add psaintemarie-recipes


Some of my recipes (may) have parent recipes that live in another repo. Refer to a given recipe's parent recipe identifier to determine which repo you'll need to add. As of today, this is not the case.

Known issues

Do you have a problem with one of my recipes? Check the issues to see whether a known problem exists. If not, just submit an issue so I can take a look.


Forks/pulls/issues are more than welcome. Let's improve together.

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