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Remove, require --pkg for Audacity.munki

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timsutton committed Dec 5, 2016
1 parent 8e8a1bc commit 6d76c7ff3255639bc4d03209ce052f4d853f2d39
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  2. +16 −6 Audacity/Audacity.munki.recipe

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@@ -3,7 +3,15 @@
<plist version="1.0">
<string>Downloads and imports Audacity into Munki.</string>
<string>Imports a manually-download copy of Audacity into Munki.

This recipe originally provided an automated download of Audacity
from, using a download parent recipe. Scripted scraping
of is against their terms of service, and so this recipe
requires a manual download of the .dmg and for it to be passed
manually using the `--pkg` argument to `autopkg run`.

Note: the code object is not signed at all.</string>
@@ -29,11 +37,13 @@
@@ -52,7 +62,7 @@
@@ -103,7 +113,7 @@

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replied Mar 14, 2017

Copying my post from: autopkg/scriptingosx-recipes#21 (comment)

Has anyone contacted FossHub about letting AutoPkg scrape their site? It seems like AutoPkg would definitely fit their exceptions because unlike Chocolately, we download once then distribute using Munki, JAMF, etc.

If you wish to retrieve files from using an automated tool or script with the
purpose of redistributing them on your internal network, download server, download mirror, CDN 
or any other similar service we might allow you to do this under the following conditions:

- Inform us about your intention before any attempt to interact with our website. If possible, 
  provide us a sample of your code/tool to see how it is designed to work with our system.
- If you are the representative of a school, University or any other educational institution.
- If you represent a non-profit organization focused on education, health or any other worthy cause.
- A company that wishes to retrieve files from us but use its own replication system.

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replied Mar 14, 2017

AutoPkg isn't an organization -- it's a tool. So each organization using AutoPkg would need to contact FossHub about getting an exception.

AutoPkg is the "automated tool or script" mentioned in their TOS, which organizations use "with the
purpose of redistributing them on [their] internal network..."


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Member Author

replied Mar 14, 2017

I'd point out the same thing. AutoPkg doesn't have a board of representatives and can't speak for the intended use of any of the recipes provided by the community. An organization who uses AutoPkg and any recipes is free to contact FossHub and request an exception.

This still seems like an academic exercise to me. There have been three releases of Audacity in nearly two years. Is it really worth keeping up the code changes required to scrape FossHub reliably for an application which has a track record of getting a minor update once every ~8-12 months?


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replied Mar 22, 2017

I contacted fosshub about an exception for AutoPkg and it was denied, as expected. They said:

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you a custom solution for third party tools such as autopkg. Not because we don't want to but rather for safety reasons and also because we have been abused a lot.

I did receive an exception for my organization, which is all I really need.

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