Autoprotocol Standard Changes
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Autoprotocol Standard Changes

This contains the current list of Autoprotocol Standard Changes (ASCs). Please refer to the ASC process for more information.

Directory Structure

  1. Drafts - This is where all initial drafts should reside. This will through a light review, mostly to ensure that the formatting is correct. Once accepted, an ASC number will be assigned.

  2. Accepted - After a thorough review process, accepted ASCs will be moved to this folder. This will be a much more technical review, where all aspects of the ASC will be subject to discussion.

  3. Published - Accepted ASCs will be move to Published once they've been sent out to the mailing list for notification and no extraordinary comments are made. At this stage, they will be published at

  4. Redacted - Published ASCs could be redacted under rare circumstances. If so, they will be moved to this folder.

  5. Specification - Contains the up-to-date specification for instructions. Should be updated when a new ASC is published.