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Welcome to Autops awx-migrate

awx-migrate is a command line tool for Ansible AWX. It leverages the tower-cli command, makes a full backup of an AWX instance, and adds the secrets to the exported credentials, which tower-cli leaves empty.

It then dumps the whole export including credential secrets in json to stdout, which you can redirect to a file. It also takes al config settings from the database - including LDAP settings and adds or updates them in a new instance.

This tool allows you to fully migrate an AWX setup, and is a workaround for not being able to upgrade AWX. (See

For more information, on tower-cli look at

Things that are not migrated

  • logs
  • encrypted data in the conf_setting table (e.g. LDAP Bind password)



  • Python 2.7
  • tower_cli
  • psycopg2
  • cryptography


AWX - separately configure how to connect to both the old and the new instance

  • The AWX secret_key, used to encrypt and decrypt secrets
  • credentials for an AWX admin user
  • connection information and credentials to directly access the postgresql DB

and this for both the source and destination AWX instance and its postgresql database


  • edit awx-migrate-wrapper and set the right AWX_SRC_* and AWX_DST_* environment variables as needed, the former being for the source instance, the latter for the destination instance
  • configure tower-cli config to connect to the source awx instance you want to migrate from
  • execute awx-migrate-wrapper and it will redirect stdout to awx-data.json, then split each asset_type in different files so you can restore them seperately and in the best possible way.
  • watch stderr for possible error messages
  • if you use LDAP or other config settings that require an encrypted secret, update it manually
  • configure tower-cli config to connect to the destination awx instance you want to migrate to
  • restore awx data with tower-cli send awx-data.json


  • Tested migrating from AWX to 2.0.1. Several objects where not restored due to missing users: there's bug in 1.0.x? where the export of users is broken/missing so that tower-cli cannot import them again. (see
  • Currently this script assumes all credentials have a unique name, which however isn't enforced by AWX. If you have those, PR is welcome!
  • Encrypted secrets in the conf_settings table are not decrypted. Need info on how to decrypt/encrypt them


This script was written for and tested in a specific setup and particular environment, lot's of issues or bugs can still arise