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For legacy python implementation, see branch master.


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Language Server Protocol support for vim and neovim.


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Quick Start

Using vim-plug:

Plug 'autozimu/LanguageClient-neovim', {
    \ 'branch': 'next',
    \ 'do': 'bash',
    \ }

" (Optional) Multi-entry selection UI.
Plug 'junegunn/fzf'

Example configuration

" Required for operations modifying multiple buffers like rename.
set hidden

let g:LanguageClient_serverCommands = {
    \ 'rust': ['~/.cargo/bin/rustup', 'run', 'stable', 'rls'],
    \ 'javascript': ['/usr/local/bin/javascript-typescript-stdio'],
    \ 'javascript.jsx': ['tcp://'],
    \ 'python': ['/usr/local/bin/pyls'],
    \ 'ruby': ['~/.rbenv/shims/solargraph', 'stdio'],
    \ }

" note that if you are using Plug mapping you should not use `noremap` mappings.
nmap <F5> <Plug>(lcn-menu)
" Or map each action separately
nmap <silent>K <Plug>(lcn-hover)
nmap <silent> gd <Plug>(lcn-definition)
nmap <silent> <F2> <Plug>(lcn-rename)

Run command nvim +PlugInstall +UpdateRemotePlugins +qa in shell to install this plugin. Install corresponding language servers. Restart neovim/vim and language services will be available right away. Happy hacking!


LanguageClient-neovim defines various Plug mappings, see :help LanguageClientMappings for a full list and an example configuration.


Full installation steps

Language Servers

Note, you will also need language server(s) to take advantages of this plugin. To find list of language server implementations and how to install them, please see and/or