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Passion Project - Travel Log


Interactive map that allows women to access and log information about cities in the US to plan their next trip and/or share a previous trip with other women. Inspired by my own traveling experience and the GirlsLoveTravel facebook group.


  • Map using the google maps api with markers where women have made log about their travels
  • Login and SignUp to record travel logs
  • Search to quickly find logs for a specific city or location
  • Marker detail page with all logs made at that location and a general rating of the location from all logs (on click)
  • Profile page with logged in user's logs

To Do:

  1. Basic set up of Django Project/App
  2. Create models (user, travel log, and rating)
  3. Embed google map
  4. Create logs (full crud)
  5. Sign in/Authentication (registration file)
  6. Search Bar
  7. User Profile Page
  8. Fun logo and name
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