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My entry for the Ludum Dare 39 compo.
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Asthetics Raider



My entry for the Ludum Dare 39 Compo:

Theme: Running out of power

Working in Unity 2017.1




  • Top down 2D game, free real time movement.
  • To finish a level you must take all the VHS and then go to the end.
  • You can move normally and dash.
    • Dash has a delay.
    • Dash can break momentum.
  • Health has a maximum, never surpassing it.
  • Six levels, of increasing complexity.
  • Each movement you make, you lose health.
    • Dash doesn't consume health.
  • The icecream recovers your health.
  • There's a timer, which acts as a score.
  • There are X levels.
    • If you die you continue in the one you died, with the timer still counting.
    • If you finish the game, the level counter resets.
  • Vaporwave aesthetics.
    • Will sample some neat tunes for the music, and apply heavy reverbs, delays and cutoffs.
    • Will use heavily delayed cuts from those songs as sfx.
    • Heavy usage of tweens. Tweens abound!
    • Saturated colors, mostly pink and blue.


  • ** Move **: Arrow keys or WASD.
  • ** Dash **: CTRL, SHIFT, Number 0 or SPACE.


Made by: Undi (Pablo de la Ossa)



Software used: Unity,, Adobe Photoshop and FL Studio.

Mail: autumnyardworks at gmail

Music samples from:

  • Ariel Pink - Black Ballerina
  • Ariel Pink - Lipstick
  • Ariel Pink - White Freckles
  • Shook - Almost There Copyright by their respective holders. Check them out, those respective albums are incredible!
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