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AuverCloud Studio runtime client
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AuverCloud Runtime Client

The AuverCloud Runtime Client a.k.a. arc is a set of librairies for the client side part of the AuverCloud Studio content manager and API server. For further information and how-tos, please see

Components of AuverCloud runtime client version 3:


  • arc.3.css: Default stylesheet for AuverCloud contents (e.g. text, menu, slideshow)
  • opensans folder: Subset of Open Sans font definition (normal, italic, bold, italic-bold). The original font definition is on Google font. Open Sans font is part of this package as it is the only font available in the AuverCloud Studio that is not 100% web proof.


  • arc.3.js: JavaScript client for the AuverCloud API. It includes a cross-domain REST client based on jQuery Ajax client, a loader for AuverCloud contents and some utilities. arc.js requires _jQuery version 2 or more.


  • arc.3.min.js: This is the minified version of arc.js. Recommended for production.


  • arc.3.php: PHP client for the AuverCloud content server. It enables the integration of AuverCloud content in PHP pages.
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