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Re-create visage as an API and app platform #85

rasmusbergpalm opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I know, it's quite a mouthfull, but I think it's easier than you'd think and the benefits are gigantonourmeous :)
I sat down the other day and analyzed what i really wanted from a general data analysis tool and here's what i came up with:

  • Open source
  • Smart DB tech for storing large amounts of data (eg. RRD)
  • API to input/output data
  • App platform
  • classes to interface with the most common data creators (eg. PHP/ruby/MySQL etc.)
  • eat-your-own-dog-food API based frontend

I came up with this list based on the premise that data-junkies will never be satisfied with any one solution. Some will try some advanced data analysis methods, some want visualizations, some just want a data storage. BUT, data-junkies are hackers, so if we give them a great API and an app-platform, they'll create what they need themselves. I imagine that the current visage visualiztion features would be bundled as a set of core apps.
I really think there's a big and growing userbase for this kind of app, as 'big data', 'data scientists' and 'business intelligience' are the new buzzwords in silicon valley. Maybe this needs a new project entirely, maybe we can use visage as a starting point. Let me know what you think.

Cheers, Rasmus.


We're getting pretty close to that with Visage 3.0 now. Specifically:

Does this match up with what you were thinking, @rasmusbergpalm?

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