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Some information is just not suitable to be presented as logs and requires different visualisation. Good example are http calls performed by a server during processing of incoming request or events in a distributed system coming in undetermenistic order and duration. Tohu can help transforming such information into format compatible with Chrome's about://tracing, which is awesome frontend for any traces and available almost everywhere alongside with Chrome.


  • Install tohu
npm i tohu --save
  • Include it in your sources
const tohu = require('tohu');

// one eternity later
  • View results with chrome tracing frontend
    • Open chrome://tracing in Google Chrome
    • Click "Load" at top left corner
    • Select trace file stored by tohu


Tohu supports following configuration options with tohu.setup() call:

  // Enable/disable internal logging of
  // additional debug infor
  quiet: true,
  // When true, tohu will store request/response pair bodies 
  // for further analysis. Significantly increases trace file size.
  storeBody: false,
  // Allows to specify transport for loggins, transport should suppoort 
  // three levels as methods: debug, info, error
  log: console,
  // Defines output format of trace file. Defaults to Chrome's about://tracing
  format: 'chrome-tracing',
  // Filename to use for storing trace. Will be stored
  // inside the same directory from which node.js programm was launched
  file: 'tohu.json'