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Banff.12 - Cortina Prep

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@StephenButtolph StephenButtolph released this 21 Mar 21:46
· 1184 commits to master since this release

This version is backwards compatible to v1.9.0. It is optional, but encouraged. The supported plugin version is 24.


  • Removed linger setting on P2P connections
  • Improved error message when failing to calculate peer uptimes
  • Removed EngineType from P2P response messages
  • Added context cancellation during dynamic IP updates
  • Reduced the maximum P2P reconnect delay from 1 hour to 1 minute


  • Added support to switch from Avalanche consensus to Snowman consensus
  • Added support for routing consensus messages to either Avalanche or Snowman consensus on the same chain
  • Removed usage of deferred evaluation of the handler.Consensus in the Avalanche OnFinished callback
  • Dropped inbound Avalanche consensus messages after switching to Snowman consensus
  • Renamed the Avalanche VM metrics prefix from avalanche_{chainID}_vm_ to avalanche_{chainID}_vm_avalanche
  • Replaced consensus and decision dispatchers with block, tx, and vertex dispatchers
  • Removed Avalanche bootstrapping restarts during the switch to Snowman consensus


  • Added avm block execution manager
  • Added avm block builder
  • Refactored avm transaction syntactic verification
  • Refactored avm transaction semantic verification
  • Refactored avm transaction execution
  • Added avm mempool gossip
  • Removed block timer interface from avm mempool
  • Moved toEngine channel into the avm mempool
  • Added GetUTXOFromID to the avm state.Chain interface
  • Added unpopulated MerkleRoot to avm blocks
  • Added avm transaction based metrics
  • Replaced error strings with error interfaces in the avm mempool


  • Added logs when the local nodes stake amount changes
  • Moved platformvm message package into components
  • Replaced error strings with error interfaces in the platformvm mempool


  • Added ID method to warp.UnsignedMessage
  • Improved warp.Signature verification error descriptions


  • Improved merkledb locking to allow concurrent read access through trieViews
  • Fixed Banff transaction signing with ledger when using the wallet
  • Emitted github artifacts after successful builds
  • Added non-blocking bounded queue
  • Converted the x.Parser helper to be a block.Parser interface from a tx.Parser interface


  • Separated dockerhub image publishing from the kurtosis test workflow
  • Exported various errors to use in testing
  • Removed the vms/components/state package
  • Replaced ad-hoc linked hashmaps with the standard data-structure
  • Removed usr/local/lib/avalanche from deb packages
  • Standardized usage of constants.UnitTestID


  • Added P-chain RemoveSubnetValidatorTx example using the wallet
  • Added X-chain CreateAssetTx example using the wallet


  • Added support to specify HTTP server timeouts
    • --http-read-timeout
    • --http-read-header-timeout
    • --http-write-timeout
    • --http-idle-timeout


  • Added avm block APIs
    • avm.getBlock
    • avm.getBlockByHeight
    • avm.getHeight
  • Converted avm APIs to only surface accepted state
  • Deprecated all ipcs APIs
    • ipcs.publishBlockchain
    • ipcs.unpublishBlockchain
    • ipcs.getPublishedBlockchains
  • Deprecated all keystore APIs
    • keystore.createUser
    • keystore.deleteUser
    • keystore.listUsers
    • keystore.importUser
    • keystore.exportUser
  • Deprecated the avm/pubsub API endpoint
  • Deprecated various avm APIs
    • avm.getAddressTxs
    • avm.getBalance
    • avm.getAllBalances
    • avm.createAsset
    • avm.createFixedCapAsset
    • avm.createVariableCapAsset
    • avm.createNFTAsset
    • avm.createAddress
    • avm.listAddresses
    • avm.exportKey
    • avm.importKey
    • avm.sendNFT
    • avm.mintNFT
    • avm.import
    • avm.export
    • avm.send
    • avm.sendMultiple
  • Deprecated the avm/wallet API endpoint
    • wallet.issueTx
    • wallet.send
    • wallet.sendMultiple
  • Deprecated various platformvm APIs
    • platform.exportKey
    • platform.importKey
    • platform.getBalance
    • platform.createAddress
    • platform.listAddresses
    • platform.getSubnets
    • platform.addValidator
    • platform.addDelegator
    • platform.addSubnetValidator
    • platform.createSubnet
    • platform.exportAVAX
    • platform.importAVAX
    • platform.createBlockchain
    • platform.getBlockchains
    • platform.getStake
    • platform.getMaxStakeAmount
    • platform.getRewardUTXOs
  • Deprecated the stake field in the platform.getTotalStake response in favor of weight