Improved OV5640 for Orange Pi (H3) / Nano Pi (H3) / Banana Pi M64 / Pine64+ / Nano Pi M2/M3 (Experimental)
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This is my modified OV5640 driver for the CMOS camera that incorporates many image resolutions and/or image quality. You can take advantage of a higher FPS, Image Quality (Preview or Capture) or Window size, choosing the one that best fit your needs.

This is expected to work with reasonable quality for AW platform (32 bit and 64 bit).

Working window sizes and expected FPS (preview mode)

  • QSXGA: 2592x1936 (7.5 FPS)
  • QXGA: 2048x1536 (7.5 FPS)
  • 1080P: 1920x1080 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • UXGA: 1600x1200 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • UXGA: 1280x960 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • 720P: 1280x720 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • XGA: 1024x768 (7.5 FPS, 15 FPS)
  • SVGA: 800x600 (15 FPS, 30 FPS)
  • VGA: 640x480 (15 FPS, 30 FPS)
  • QVGA: 320x240 (30 FPS)
  • QCIF: 176x144 (30 FPS with some artifacts)


modprobe ov56405 frame_rate=2


frame_rate=0 (default with no parameters), frame_rate=1 (7.5 FPS), frame_rate=2 (15 FPS), frame_rate=3 (30 FPS) (default=0 - or no parms - default settings)

default frame rate tries to use the best FPS possible with good quality. If you want better quality use frame_rate=1


You can watch Armbian for the latest release / fix for this driver on H3 image.

Loading the OV5640 driver

sudo modprobe ov5640 (or with frame_rate=2 [0,1,2,3]
sudo modprobe vfe_v4l2

OV5640 tested on the following devices

  • OrangePi PC / One / 2E* (H3)
  • BananaPi M2P (H3) - Armbian (Ubuntu 14.04)
  • BananaPi M64 (Ubuntu Xenial LXDE Desktop 16.04 - longsleep's kernel)
  • Pine64+ (Ubuntu Xenial LXDE Desktop 16.04 - longsleep's kernel)
  • BananaPi M3 (dual camera OV5640 / OV8865) - linux-sunxi kernel

Possibly will work with:

  • NanoPi M1 (with CAM500B, don't have one)
  • NanoPi Neo Air (with CAM500B, don't have one)
  • NanoPi A64 (it is just a guess, don't have one)
  • Orange Pi H5 (it is just a guess, don't have one)
  • BananaPi R40 (it is just a guess, don't have one)

Application to grab frames - v4l2 / OpenCV

git clone
cd cap-v4l2
sudo ./
./cap 1280 720 4 1 -999 -1 -1 (output will be frame_1280x720.jpg)
  • you can also run a simple test ./ to grab all frames and display some FPS statistics


You need to load the correct driver (this latest ov5640) and make sure /dev/video0 is created. Check if you have all dependencies.

Special thanks (no specific order):

  • Armbian (Igor / Thomas Kaiser / @mattday / @Gravelrash / @lvmc / @jules )- for the board (Xunlong) ,inspiration, information, POV
  • Nora Lee - Foxconn (for the boards and cameras)
  • Yuefei - FriendlyArm (for the boards and cameras)
  • linux-sunxi (kernel)
  • longsleep (kernel)


  • ov5640 initial commit
  • pass stability test (./
  • Credits
  • A83T support