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GeoCam Memo Web

1   About

The GeoCam Project helps people better understand and respond to disasters. GeoCam consists of a GPS-enabled camera (or cell phone) and a web app for sharing geotagged photos and other geospatial data.

GeoCam Memo is a scribing and note-taking application intended for use by search team members as they canvas the scene of a disaster. Notes can be recorded using text or audio and various forms of attachments (including but not limited to images) can be attached for transmission to a central server. All messages can be geotagged and categorized before saving to provide proper context when analyzing them via a web interface at a later time.

GeoCam Talk is a communication application intended to aid in communication during a search mission. Members can send text and audio messages to any subset of their team members while on the field from their mobile devices. All messages are sent through a central server which catalogs them for later analysis. Just as in Memo, all messages are geotagged to provide instant awareness of team member location.

This is the web application for both GeoCam Memo and GeoCam Talk

2   News

Visit and for updates.

3   Setup

The GeoCam Memo and Talk applications were built using the Django framework and run on top of Python.

3.1   Dependencies

  1. Once all dependencies have been installed, clone the GeoCamMemoWeb repository to the path of your choice:

    git clone
  2. If you haven't already, you'll need to register your gmail or google apps address here:

  3. Before running the Django application, rename geocamMemoWeb/geocamMemo/ to geocamMemoWeb/geocamMemo/

    mv geocamMemoWeb/geocamMemo/ geocamMemoWeb/geocamMemo/
  4. Modify the newly moved file and follow the directions. You'll need to run the following from the console in order to retrieve your authentication token (curl with ssl libraries required:

    curl -k --data-urlencode --data-urlencode Passwd=some_password -d accountType=GOOGLE -d source=com.patrickbaumann.pushprototype -d service=ac2dm
  5. The response will contain an SID, AUTH, and LSID:

  6. Paste the AUTH line after the '=' into between the quotation marks.

  7. CD into your ./geocamMemoWeb/example path and run syncdb, creating an admin user if prompted:

    python syncdb

4   Running

To run a development server, navigate to your ./geocamMemoWeb/example path and execute runserver:

python runserver

Pleast note that this must be done before the geocamTalkForAndroid and geocamTalkForAndroid can be successfully run on your mobile device.

5   Testing

Testing can be initiated from your ./geocamMemoWeb/example path using the test command:

python test geocamMemo geocamTalk

See the Django documentation for more information on using