A multipurpose Discord bot made for fun
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Senither Store overridden environment variables with the correct type
This should resolve the issue in #53 where the `AVA_DATABASE_VERIFYSERVERCERTIFICATE` environment variable isn't set correctly.
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About AvaIre

AvaIre is a multipurpose Discord bot made for fun, written in Java 8, using the JDA library.

Main features

  • Music streaming from YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch etc.
  • Custom music playlists that you can play anytime
  • Moderation commands (Ban, kick, slowmode)
  • Search for comics and reaction gifs
  • Extended server functionality (Welcome messages, server and user info)
  • High level of customization
    • Changing messages on a per-server basis
    • Change the languages Ava uses
    • Create custom aliases for existing commands
    • Change the prefix ava uses on a per-module basis
  • And more, check the full command reference for all the commands!

Visit our website for more information.


Thank you for considering contributing to AvaIre! The contribution guide can be found in the AvaIre documentation.


AvaIre is open-sourced software licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

Third Party Licenses

AvaIre relies on the following projects:

Name License
JDA (Java Discord API) Apache License 2.0
LavaPlayer - Audio player library for Discord Apache License 2.0
google-gson Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons Apache License 2.0
SnakeYAML Apache License 2.0
Prometheus Apache License 2.0
DialogFlow SDK (Previusly api.ai) Apache License 2.0
MySQL Connector/J GNU General Public License v2.0
logback-classic Eclipse Public License v1.0 and
GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1
Sentry SDK for Java BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
jsoup: Java HTML Parser MIT License
emoji-java MIT License
EvalEx - Java Expression Evaluator MIT License
Reflections Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License

Discord server
AvaIre support server: https://discord.gg/gt2FWER

"Discord", "Discord App", and any associated logos are registered trademarks of Hammer & Chisel, inc.