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A status page for AvaIre the Discord bot, displaying the status for each shard live, auto-refreshing every 30 seconds.
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About Status

Note The status page is now integrated directly into the AvaIre website, you can view the new shard status pages at

AvaIre Status is a small single page web app that shows information about each shard in Ava, and auto updates every 30 seconds, you can see the live version of the site by clicking here.

This project uses Composer for managing PHP packages, and Yarn for managing Node modules, if you want to self-host the status page you can clone the repository, and setup everything using:

composer install & yarn && yarn prod

The API endpoint that are hit to display the shard data is stored in the assets/js/app.js file, you can change it to anything else that returns a valid JSON object matching the one Ava sends.

An example of a valid JSON response from the API.

            "channels": 13145,
            "guilds": 860,
            "latency": 115,
            "id": 1,
            "users": 20168,
            "status": "CONNECTED"
            "channels": 12397,
            "guilds": 811,
            "latency": 112,
            "id": 0,
            "users": 15002,
            "status": "CONNECTED"
    "global": {
        "channels": {
            "voice": 113882,
            "total": 279007,
            "text": 165125
        "guilds": 17674,
        "users": 568817

The status on the page will change color depending on the status returned from the API, the status names are the JDA Statuses, you can see what color is giving to what status in the assets/sass/app.sass file.


AvaIre Status is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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