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Debugging tests with Chrome DevTools

Translations: Fran莽ais

You can debug your tests using Chrome DevTools.

Open Chrome, then navigate to chrome://inspect/. Click the Open dedicated DevTools for Node link within the Devices section.

In the DevTools for Node window, navigate to Sources and in the left-hand column select Filesystem. Add your project directory to the workspace. Make sure to grant permission.

Now run a specific test file:

npx ava debug test.js

The DevTools should connect automatically and your tests will run. Use DevTools to set breakpoints, or use the debugger keyword.

Run with the --break option to ensure the DevTools hit a breakpoint right before the test file is loaded:

npx ava debug --break test.js

By default the inspector listens on You can customize the host and the port:

npx ava debug --host --port 9230 test.js

You'll have to add a connection for this port in the Connection tab.