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# Common Pitfalls

## AVA in Docker

If you run AVA in Docker as part of your CI, you need to fix the appropriate environment variables. Specifically, adding `-e CI=true` in the `docker exec` command. See [](#751).

AVA uses [is-ci]( to decide if it's in a CI environment or not using [these variables](

## AVA and connected client limits

You may be using a service that only allows a limited number of concurrent connections. For example, many database-as-a-service businesses offer a free plan with a limit on how many clients can be using it at the same time. AVA can hit those limits as it runs multiple processes, but well-written services should emit an error or throttle in those cases. If the one you're using doesn't, the tests will hang.

Use the `concurrency` flag to limit the number of processes ran. For example, if your service plan allows 5 clients, you should run AVA with `concurrency=5` or less.

## Async operations

You may be running an async operation inside a test and wondering why it's not finishing. If your async operation uses promises, you should return the promise:

test(t => {
return fetch().then(data => {, 'foo');

If it uses callbacks, use [`test.cb`](

test.cb(t => {
fetch((err, data) => {, 'bar');

Alternatively, promisify the callback function using something like [pify](


Is your problem not listed here? Submit a pull request or comment on [this issue](
@@ -968,6 +968,10 @@ You can't use [`istanbul`]( for code cove

As of version `5.0.0` it uses source maps to report coverage for your actual code, regardless of transpilation. Make sure that the code you're testing includes an inline source map or references a source map file. If you use `babel-register` you can set the `sourceMaps` option in your Babel config to `inline`.

### Common pitfalls

We have a growing list of [common pitfalls](docs/ you may experience while using AVA. If you encounter any issues you think are common, comment in [this issue](

## FAQ

### Why not `mocha`, `tape`, `tap`?

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