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## Profiling

You should first install [`iron-node`]( and / or [`devtool`]( globally:
You should first install [`iron-node`]( globally:

$ npm install --global iron-node devtool
$ npm install --global iron-node

In the root of a project using AVA, run:
@@ -68,12 +68,6 @@ In the root of a project using AVA, run:
$ iron-node node_modules/ava/profile.js <test-file>


$ devtool node_modules/ava/profile.js <test-file>

Once the Dev Tools window has loaded, activate Memory or CPU profiling, and then hit <kbd>Cmd</kbd> <kbd>R</kbd> to rerun the tests.

As soon as the tests finish, stop the recording and inspect the profiler results. The flamegraph can be displayed by choosing `Chart` from the drop down on the `Profiles` tab (other views include `Tree (top down)` and `Heavy (bottom up)`).
@@ -82,7 +76,6 @@ You may also want to check out the Settings page in Dev Tools and enable one or

##### Helpful resources

- [An introduction to Node.js debugging with `devtool`](
- [A video introduction to Chrome DevTools CPU and Memory profiling](

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