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JSPM and SystemJS recipe.


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A recipe for using AVA with JSPM, per discussion on #131. It requires the import of an external library I wrote for the purpose of encapsulating the loader shim so it can be maintained and updated. Here's a link to that library: [ava-jspm-loader](

Closes #941
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# JSPM and SystemJS for ES2015

It requires a special loader helper to correctly resolve `import`s of JSPM packages when using AVA.

## Setup

This recipe has only been tested with JSPM v0.17.0-beta.22, but it should work with any version of JSPM v0.17 and may work with v0.16.

### Babel

Configure your .babelrc to work with AVA if you have not already. NOTE: You can keep additional configuration in your JSPM config files to override these settings during bundling and building.

"presets": ["es2015", "stage-2"]

You can find more information about setting up Babel with AVA in the [babelrc recipe](

### JSPM Loader Helper

You will need to install the [AVA JSPM loader]( as a dev dependency.

$ npm install --save-dev ava-jspm-loader

You will also need to update your AVA config in package.json to use the JSPM loader.

"ava": {
"require": [

NOTE: If you use async/await in your source code (not in your test code), you will need to install `babel-polyfill` from npm and add it to your `require` array.

### Example test file

Note that you will need to use `System.import` paths for all of your project files. So, if you named your project `app` and you want to import your `main.js` into a test file, you will need to `import main from 'app/main'`.

import test from 'ava';
import main from 'app/main'; // maps to your JSPM config for "app/main.js"
import BigNumber from 'bignumber.js'; // in jspm_packages
function fn() {
return Promise.resolve(new BigNumber('1234567890.123456789'));
test('example test', async t => { fn()).toString(), '1234567890.123456789');
@@ -1008,6 +1008,7 @@ It's the [Andromeda galaxy](
- [TypeScript](docs/recipes/
- [Configuring Babel](docs/recipes/
- [Testing React components](docs/recipes/
- [JSPM and SystemJS](docs/recipes/

## Support

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