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@novemberborn novemberborn released this 18 Aug 12:14


  • We've fixed some bugs to improve watch mode. ffa62ce 9e8d28f
  • AVA now prints an error when it receives non-existent test files on the command line. f01d05f
  • When using the TAP reporter, remaining tests are now included in failed test count. Failed hooks are no longer treated as test failures, and logs are printed. 8628976
  • Internal errors that may occur for some edge cases are now printed. b27cb8d
  • TTY in the worker processes should follow the new APIs in Node.js 12.7.0 (when used with those Node.js versions). 7dcb473
  • AVA now handles stage-4 syntax like dynamic import, and stage-3 syntax like BigInt, numeric separators and class properties that are supported by V8. 9baca8c
  • AVA now supports dynamic import through our stage-4 preset.
  • AVA now uses import-local@^3.0.2 which fixes issues with Lerna projects.
  • For our TypeScript users, we've changed the default type of t.context to unknown, in line with TypeScript's changes in their 3.5 release. 2fc7d56

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Thank you @MarchWorks, @yovasx2 and @bobthekingofegypt. We couldn't have done this without you!

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