ESLint rules for AVA
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ESLint rules for AVA

Translations: Français

This plugin is bundled in XO. No need to do anything if you're using it.


$ npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-plugin-ava


Configure it in package.json.

	"name": "my-awesome-project",
	"eslintConfig": {
		"env": {
			"es6": true
		"parserOptions": {
			"ecmaVersion": 2018,
			"sourceType": "module"
		"plugins": [
		"rules": {
			"ava/assertion-arguments": "error",
			"ava/max-asserts": ["off", 5],
			"ava/no-async-fn-without-await": "error",
			"ava/no-cb-test": "off",
			"ava/no-duplicate-modifiers": "error",
			"ava/no-identical-title": "error",
			"ava/no-ignored-test-files": "error",
			"ava/no-import-test-files": "error",
			"ava/no-invalid-end": "error",
			"ava/no-nested-tests": "error",
			"ava/no-only-test": "error",
			"ava/no-skip-assert": "error",
			"ava/no-skip-test": "error",
			"ava/no-statement-after-end": "error",
			"ava/no-todo-implementation": "error",
			"ava/no-todo-test": "warn",
			"ava/no-unknown-modifiers": "error",
			"ava/prefer-async-await": "error",
			"ava/prefer-power-assert": "off",
			"ava/test-ended": "error",
			"ava/test-title": ["error", "if-multiple"],
			"ava/use-t-well": "error",
			"ava/use-t": "error",
			"ava/use-test": "error",
			"ava/use-true-false": "error"


The rules will only activate in test files.

Recommended config

This plugin exports a recommended config that enforces good practices.

Enable it in your package.json with the extends option:

	"name": "my-awesome-project",
	"eslintConfig": {
		"extends": "plugin:ava/recommended"

See the ESLint docs for more information about extending config files.

Note: This config will also enable the correct parser options and environment.