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I love VIM so much that I do with it all my text edition task. Even not programming task. And when I writing some blog post, or some my notes in russian, it is very boring to switch often from english to russian and vice versa. The problem is that in VIM it's not possible by default type-in VIM commands while non-english language choosen.

So, this plugin will help you type-in usual VIM commands while you are in normal mode and russian is choosed as a system input language.

In insert mode and while searching/replacing, russian symbols will be typed in as expected.

Additionally, there are bind two commands

  • :йй (act as ':q')
  • :цц (act as ':w')

Actually, there is no any logic in this plugin, just remappings for rus -> eng characters. So, it's a good idea to keep it in vimrc file, but personally I am don't want add extra ~60 lines that will not change for years.