An appender for Hoptoad which works with LOGBack
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HoptoadAppender for LOGBack

This HoptoadAppender is for use with LOGBack ( to log errors and warnings to the Hoptoad ( application. It uses the excellent Databinder Dispatch library for doing asynchronous HTTP calls to the Hoptoad application.


It's recommended that you configure the HoptoadAppender with a Filter that will limit logging messages to the ERROR level only.

  <appender name="HOPTOAD" class="">
    <filter class="ch.qos.logback.classic.filter.ThresholdFilter">
    <apiKey><!-- INSERT HOPTOAD API KEY HERE --></apiKey>
    <secure>false</secure> <!-- Change to true if you are using HTTPS for Hoptoad -->

  <appender name="CONSOLE" class="ch.qos.logback.core.ConsoleAppender">
        %-4relative [%thread] %-5level %logger{30} - %msg%n

  <root level="DEBUG">
    <appender-ref ref="HOPTOAD" />
    <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE" />

MDC (Mapped Diagnostic Context)

For several logging variables, the HoptoadAppender uses MDC to provide the appropriate varaibles to include in the Hoptoad notice. These should be configured using a filter or some other way of injecting the variables into the MDC of the thread.

The following variables are required in the MDC:


The following variables are optional:


If the REQUEST_URL is specified, then the following can also be set:

  • (required)

The REQUEST_PARAMS, SESSION_PARAMS and CGI_PARAMS should be ampersand delimited, URL encoded key/value pairs.

Because the above static variables are declared in Scala, you'll have to set them like this if you are using Java:

import org.slf4j.MDC;

MDC.setProperty(, "production")

If you don't like the extra parens that you have to use, then you should be using Scala instead of Java :-)


slf4j-hoptoad is released under the Apache 2 License.