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how to use assets_base_urls when applying filters #113

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I'm having trouble using the filter in a project where i have an assets_base_urls-configuration defined:

The use-case is to have a CDN for displaying a lot of images, but the filter creates a relative url, with the full asset path attached to it looking like this:


How can i solve this? Maybe use a correct path setting in my config?


use it like this asset('images/logo.png' | apply_filter('my_thumb'))


Hmmm i get the idea. But it's not quite the fix.

2 problems still, and i'm testing with assets_base_urls set to the same url as my project, nothing fancy.

  1. The file is not cached anymore. No new cache-entries appear.
  2. The URL now looks like this: http://myproject/media/originals//media/cache/filter_name/1.png

were you able to solve this issue?


Unfortunately not, the url stays the same as i described. I haven't had the time to create a fresh project with only this bundle and a setup with an assets_base_urls. So it could be the plugin, or it's my complicated project (one i did not set up myself even!).

If you're 100% positive it should work with your suggestion you can close this issue.

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