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background color for jpeg from transparent png ? #194

patie opened this Issue Jan 31, 2013 · 3 comments

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patie commented Jan 31, 2013

when i upload transparent png - its uploaded jpeg with black background

can i set this background color? thanks


Hi, yes you can with something like:


$image      = getUploadedImage();
$background = new Imagine\Image\Color('#fff');
$topLeft    = new Imagine\Image\Point(0, 0);
$canvas     = $imagine->create($image->getSize(), $background);

    ->paste($image, $topLeft)

Closing this one as it seems already solved

rayrigam commented Jul 7, 2015

Shouldn't the default background be white when converting from transparent png to jpg? How can I tell if the uploaded png has a transparent background so that I only set the canvas as described above in those cases for converting to jpg?
There is a suggested way here:
Or should I just do the above pasting on a white canvas for all png images uploaded? Would that have a significant impact on memory used and performance?

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