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Juju and Related tools for Homebrew


Juju tools for Homebrew page details Installation and Upgrade Instructions, with pointers to the getting started documentation.

Have a Problem? Idea how we can improve?

Use the Juju on OS X [Issue Queue][issues] to report any bugs or log feature requests that are specific
to the Juju client ( or other related brew formula ) on OS X, if it is related to Juju Upstream then please
report bugs @ Launchpad

Getting in Touch

Juju tools for Homebrew page has contact and support info as well as urls you may find handy for upstream documentation, etc. Please do not send bug reports via email, use the methods outlined in the section above please.


  • Juju and related tools carry their own individual upstream OpenSource Licenses and are not enumerated here.
  • Original Juju Homebrew packaging and other minor files that occupy the repository are © copyright 2012 Brandon Holtsclaw unless noted otherwise elseware.
  • All files that are contained in this repository are available freely governed by the conditions stated in this MIT License located in the file COPYING , or for convience an identical copy can be read and linked to at [https://raw.github.com/jujutools/homebrew-juju/master/COPYING][copy]