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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<package packagerversion="1.9.2" version="2.0" xmlns="" xmlns:tasks="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<summary>PHP helper library for Twilio</summary>
<description>A SDK (or helper library, as we&apos;re calling them) for PHP developers to write
applications against Twilio&apos;s REST API and generate TwiML responses.</description>
<name>Neuman Vong</name>
<license uri="">MIT License</license>
No release notes.
<dir baseinstalldir="/" name="/">
<dir name="Services">
<dir name="Twilio">
<dir name="Rest">
<file name="Account.php" role="php" />
<file name="Accounts.php" role="php" />
<file name="Application.php" role="php" />
<file name="Applications.php" role="php" />
<file name="AvailablePhoneNumber.php" role="php" />
<file name="AvailablePhoneNumbers.php" role="php" />
<file name="Call.php" role="php" />
<file name="Calls.php" role="php" />
<file name="Conference.php" role="php" />
<file name="Conferences.php" role="php" />
<file name="IncomingPhoneNumber.php" role="php" />
<file name="IncomingPhoneNumbers.php" role="php" />
<file name="Notification.php" role="php" />
<file name="Notifications.php" role="php" />
<file name="OutgoingCallerId.php" role="php" />
<file name="OutgoingCallerIds.php" role="php" />
<file name="Participant.php" role="php" />
<file name="Participants.php" role="php" />
<file name="Recording.php" role="php" />
<file name="Recordings.php" role="php" />
<file name="Sandbox.php" role="php" />
<file name="ShortCode.php" role="php" />
<file name="ShortCodes.php" role="php" />
<file name="SmsMessage.php" role="php" />
<file name="SmsMessages.php" role="php" />
<file name="Transcription.php" role="php" />
<file name="Transcriptions.php" role="php" />
</dir> <!-- /Services/Twilio/Rest -->
<file name="ArrayDataProxy.php" role="php" />
<file name="CachingDataProxy.php" role="php" />
<file name="DataProxy.php" role="php" />
<file name="TinyHttp.php" role="php" />
<file name="InstanceResource.php" role="php" />
<file name="ListResource.php" role="php" />
<file name="Page.php" role="php" />
<file name="PartialApplicationHelper.php" role="php" />
<file name="Resource.php" role="php" />
<file name="Twiml.php" role="php" />
</dir> <!-- /Services/Twilio -->
<file name="Twilio.php" role="php" />
</dir> <!-- /Services -->
<dir name="tests">
<file name="Bootstrap.php" role="test" />
<file name="phpunit.xml" role="test" />
<file name="ResourcesTest.php" role="test" />
<file name="TwilioTest.php" role="test" />
<file name="TwimlTest.php" role="test" />
</dir> <!-- /tests -->
<file name="LICENSE" role="data" />
<file name="Makefile" role="data" />
<file name="" role="data" />
</dir> <!-- / -->
<phprelease />
<license uri="">MIT License</license>
No release notes.