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Avalon Media System

Avalon Media System is an open source system for managing large collections of digital audio and video. The project is led by the libraries of Indiana University and Northwestern University with funding in part by a three-year National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Build Status

Stories in Ready

Coverage Status

For more information and regular project updates visit the Avalon blog.

Move to Fedora 4

Please note that effective 14 March 2017, our master branch now tracks our Fedora 4 based Avalon. For our old Fedora 3 based product (Avalon 5.x and earlier) please use the 5.x-stable branch. Enhancements for Avalon 5.x can be submitted to the 5.x-dev branch.

Installing Avalon Media System

Instructions on how to get a local installation of Avalon Media System installed on your system are available for Linux and OS X.

Setting Up an Avalon Media System Development Environment

For developers using OS X, you can get a full Avalon development environment, including transcoding and streaming using docker. See the wiki for details, this is currently our recommended way to setup a dev environment.

The following steps will let you run the avalon stack locally in order to explore the out-of-the-box functionality or do basic development.

  • Ensure that you're running one of the Ruby versions listed in under rvm in ".travis.yml".
  • Install Mediainfo cli
  • Copy config/avalon.yml.example to config/avalon.yml and change as necessary
  • cp config/authentication.yml.example config/authentication.yml
  • cp config/controlled_vocabulary.yml.example config/controlled_vocabulary.yml
  • Install cmake if necessary. This can typically be installed via package manager
  • bundle install
  • cp config/secrets.yml.example config/secrets.yml
  • rake secret
  • rake avalon:services:start
  • rake avalon:db_migrate
  • rake db:test:prepare
  • bundle exec rake server:development or bundle exec rake server:test Note: This process will not background itself, it will occupy the terminal you run it in

Browser Testing

Testing support for Avalon Media System is provided by BrowserStack.