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Avalon 5 to Avalon 6 Migration Tool

Release 6.1 includes a full tool for migration of Avalon 5 repositories to Avalon 6.1.

  • Rake tasks are production-ready for data migration
  • A full, interactive migration report page is available for checking migration status
  • Administrators can view live Fedora data for items under migration

Player API

The Avalon embedded player can be controlled by Javascript on external sites. Available commands to be sent to the player include play, pause, seek to offset, and retrieve offset

Other Changes

  • Bibliographic import behavior has changed—upon import of a new identifier, all fields other than "Other Identifiers" will be erased and updated with information from the new record
  • Leases can be added without set start and end dates

Bug Fixes

  • Avalon's version of Mediainfo has been updated, fixing an issue with thumbnail generation
  • Attempting to access a deleted item returns a friendlier error message to users
  • Behavior for the embedded player's authentication window have been fixed
  • Notes can now be deleted from the Resource Description
  • Users can delete items with large sections from the preview page
  • Uploading invalid files for media, captions or structural metadata results in an message to the user instead of a 500 error
  • Fixed the error received on the import status page for Variations playlists
  • Users with Manager status can delete individual sections for items in their collections
  • Administrators can delete any item in a collection
  • Items with multiple sections can be deleted properly
  • LDAP groups with spaces are parsed properly
  • Bulk actions are applied to all selected items
  • Auto-play works across sections in a media object