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The fun way to slice the bread.

What is it?

A simple way to enter expenses and mileage into Google Docs from a text-message. You can specify "m" or "M" for mileage driven and "d" or "D" for dollars spent. For example, if you texted:

  • "35d Burgers with the team"
  • "44.1m Denver Airport"

You would end up with this:

Item Type Amount Date Who
Burgers with the team d $35.00 12/05/2013 +13035555555
Denver Airport m 44.1 12/05/2013 +13035555555

You can then use the "m" in Google Docs for mileage reimbursement calculation, etc.


  1. Push this code up to a Heroku Cedar app.
  2. Setup the following env variables (.env if you're using Foreman):
    • GOOGLE_EMAIL: The email address associated with your Google account.
    • GOOGLE_PASSWORD: The password for your Google account.
    • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID: Available on your Twilio dashboard.
    • TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN: Keep this a secret.
    • SPREADSHEET_KEY: Grab this from the URL to the Google Doc spreadsheet.
    • WORKSHEET_INDEX: The index (0-based) of the worksheet.
    • Make sure you don't add these files to your git repo!
  3. Register a Twilio number.
  4. Point the SMS URL for that number to
  5. Send a text to the number in the format: "<amount> <description>".