Custom commands for Cypress to run a11y checks with axe-core
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This package provides two simple Cypress commands to help test your applications for accessibility issues using axe-core.

Install and configure

  • Add as a dev dependency of your project with: npm i -D cypress-axe
  • If you don't already have them, install the peer dependencies with: npm i -D cypress axe-core
  • Include the commands in your Cypress specs by adding import 'cypress-axe' to the Cypress > Support > index.js file.



This will inject the axe-core runtime into the page under test. You must run this after a call to cy.visit() and before you run the checkA11y command.

You run this command with cy.injectAxe() either in your test, or in a beforeEach, as long as the visit comes first.

beforeEach(() => {


This will run axe against the document at the point in which it is called. This means you can call this after interacting with your page and uncover accessibility issues introduced as a result of rendering in response to user actions.

it('Has no detectable a11y violations on load', () => {
  // Test the page at initial load

it('Has no a11y violations after button click', () => {
  // Interact with the page, then check for a11y issues


When accessibility violations are detected, your test will fail and an entry titled "A11Y ERROR!" will be added to the command log for each type of violation found (they will be above the failed assertion). Clicking on those will reveal more specifics about the error in the DevTools console.

Cypress and DevTools output for passing and failing axe-core audits