A simple-to-use responsive slideshow application that is configurable via CSS classes
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A simple slideshow for jQuery created for all Avant 5 projects, now made open source. Recoded from scratch, this version removes the quirks of the old version that required extreme fine-tuning of configuration for some transition timing, improves the code quality and adds some new features.

This slideshow app was designed to be flexible and powerful, but with the greatest ease in setup and use. All configuration is done with CSS classes, and no need to edit or create additional javascript is needed. This makes the program great for those not comfortable or familiar with javascript. The simplicity in setup does not take away from the power of the program. It remains highly customizable and configurable for an infinite variety of different applications and site styles.

This version is an adaptation of the original, written for jQuery 1.4 through 1.11+, now recoded for jQuery 3+. This version will not work with jQuery versions prior to 3, but it is fully compatible with sites that used the previous versions of aSlyder and will not require any changes if upgrading to jQuery 3+ and this version of aSlyder.

Some features of the original aSlyder have not yet been implimented so please take note that peel-off transition style has not yet been included but will in the near future.


  • Carousel, Fade and Peel-off transition styles (Peel-off style coming soon)
  • Full control over transition speed and slide display time
  • Auto-populated thumbnails
  • Auto-populated slide navigation
  • Previous/Next buttons
  • Navigation can be placed anywhere on page for full style control
  • And more!