convert a graphql schema to a typescript definition
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mikfoo and brettjurgens Support nullable arrays (#230)
* Initial work on supporting nullable arrays

* Clean up nullable array work

* Update from-schema-test snapshot

* Remove unused import

* Simplify variable name

* Simplify isNonNull logic and add newline before return
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# for CLI
npm install -g gql2ts

# for programmatic use
npm install @gql2ts/from-query
npm install @gql2ts/from-schema

See the packages directory for package Readmes.

packages/cli                  # gql2ts CLI
packages/from-query           # @gql2ts/from-query
packages/from-schema          # @gql2ts/from-schema
packages/language-flow        # @gql2ts/language-flow
packages/language-typescript  # @gql2ts/language-typescript
packages/types                # @gql2ts/types
packages/util                 # @gql2ts/util