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browse-kill-ring @ c7df6c8
clojure @ bfa21b6
clojure-contrib @ 40b960b
clojure-mode @ 464c9de
cperl-mode @ 4f9bde7
dash @ 4ae329a
emacs_chrome @ 0a50fbb
eproject @ fdff000
eslide @ b318d1a
git-commit-mode @ 0bcbffd
git-modes @ 9da8cac
go-mode.el @ 737611e
htmlize @ aa6e2f6
ibuffer-git @ d326319
lua-mode @ 3019e75
magit @ ab0adb0
markdown-mode @ 62d5b27
mu @ 2507933
nopaste @ fcc3973
org-mode @ 190476e
org-present @ 1b519cf
perl6-mode @ 14073fe
perlmod @ 9af1f9d
php-mode @ ed78620
pod-mode @ c462704
puppet-syntax-emacs @ be5d708
shellarchive @ f4c1cc5
slime @ c27dd18
swank-clojure @ b08daf8
tap-mode @ 867de3b
tt-mode @ 85ed383
twittering-mode @ 97ed441
undo-tree @ a3e81b6
visible-mark @ c1852e1
window-number @ 1d222f0
with-editor @ d28d074
xs-mode @ 4a8ed88
yaml-mode @ c757396


So apparently this repository is pretty popular now. I tend to use this repository as a dump for experimental code -- it can completely change without notice at any time, totally ruining your emacs init process. It's just support for my .emacs, it's not something I intended for other people to fork and use. Instead of nopasting snippets when someone asks on IRC, I can just link them here.

If there's something you'd like to rely on for daily use, just send me an email (via github or real email; doesn't matter to me) saying you'd like to use it. Then I can split it out into its own project, worrying about things like documentation, non-conflicting namespaces, etc. This is not worth the effort if nobody but me uses something, but if other people are going to use the code, we should work to make it as compatable and conventional as possible

You also get the added benefit of being able to include the new project as a submodule in your own configuration, like I do with eproject, eslide, slime, etc. And of course, if you find and fix a bug, you can patch the project, and everyone else using the module gets the fix too when they update their repository. Much better than cutting-and-pasting your favorite parts and having to fix some bug that 18 other people already did.

With that in mind, everything in the root directory is stock code from somewhere else (either as a submodule, or cut-n-pasted from some place that doesn't provide a repository; eww), and everything in _local is new code I've written. Customizations and extra features for existing modes tend to be named foo-extras.el. Other things are named however I feel like :)

Share, enjoy, and send me email and patches!