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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use open qw/ :encoding(utf8) :std /;
use strict;
use warnings;
use File::CountLines qw/ count_lines /;
use Term::Sk;
use Regexp::Assemble;
use Time::HiRes qw/ gettimeofday tv_interval /;
sub say { print shift, "\n" }
my $ordalisti = 'ordalisti.txt';
my $interactive = $ARGV[0];
my $lines = count_lines($ordalisti);
my $matcher;
# Progress bar
my $progress = Term::Sk->new('%d Elapsed: %8t %21b %4p %2d (%8c of %11m)', {
# Start at line 1, not 0
base => 1,
target => $lines,
# Every 0.1 seconds for long files
freq => ($lines < 10_000 ? 10 : 'd'),
# Convert to UTF-8
open my $listi, "cat $ordalisti | iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 |";
# Make giant optimized regex
my $ra = Regexp::Assemble->new;
while (my $ord = <$listi>) {
chomp $ord;
my $sorted = join('', sort split //, $ord);
$ra->add( quotemeta $sorted );
say "Making giant regex...";
my $start_time = [gettimeofday()];
my $giant_regex = $ra->re;
#use re 'debug';
$matcher = qr/^(?:$giant_regex)$/;
#no re 'debug';
my $elapsed = tv_interval($start_time);
say sprintf "Made regex in %.4f seconds", $elapsed;
# Benchmark questions
open my $listi, "cat $ordalisti | iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 |";
my $time_to_match = 0;
# Make the user ask us stuff
my %match;
if ($interactive) {
say "Ask if your word matches:";
$listi = *STDIN;
while (my $query = <$listi>) {
chomp $query;
my $sorted = join '', sort split //, $query;
say " Matching <$query> as <$sorted>..";
# Fuzz some words so not all will match, benchmarks misses
$sorted =~ s/a/b/g unless $interactive;
# Check if we got a match
my $start_time = [gettimeofday()];
my $matched = $sorted =~ $matcher;
my $elapsed = tv_interval($start_time);
$time_to_match += $elapsed;
if ($interactive) {
say $matched
? " <$query> (<$sorted>) matched a word in our db"
: " No match for <$query> (<$sorted>)";
say sprintf " ..Replied %.10f seconds", $elapsed;
say sprintf "Matched $lines words took %.4f seconds, or %.8f seconds per word", $time_to_match, $time_to_match / $lines;
say sprintf "Out of %d queries %d matched a word in our db, %d did not", $lines, $match{'1'}, $match{''};
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