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#!/bin/bash -u
## poplargestfit function
# grabs the largest image that fits in a specified region and removes
# it from the filelist
# NOTE: assumes that allicons list is sorted from tallest to shortest
function poplargestfit {
# params: height width
height=$1; width=$2
# get row
row=$(awk -F':' '$3 <= '$height' && $4 <= '$width' { print $0; exit }' \
if [ ! -z "$row" ]; then
# remove row from filelist (if one found)
id=$(echo $row | cut -d':' -f1)
sed -i "/^$id/d" $allicons
# echo row to stdout
echo $row
## fillregion function
# recursively fills a specified region with images
function fillregion {
# params: top left height width
local top=$1; local left=$2; local height=$3; local width=$4
# add the largest icon that will fit in the space in the top left
local image=$(poplargestfit $height $width)
local imfile=$(echo $image | cut -d':' -f2)
local imheight=$(echo $image | cut -d':' -f3)
local imwidth=$(echo $image | cut -d':' -f4)
if [ ! -z "$imfile" ]; then
echo ${imfile}:${left}:${top}:${imwidth}:${imheight}
# fillregion the rest of the row (row height is imheight)
fillregion $top $(($left+$imwidth)) $imheight $(($width-$imwidth))
# fillregion the rest of the region (i.e. minus first row)
fillregion $(($top+$imheight)) $left $(($height-$imheight)) $width
#collect the icons from here
tmpdir=$(mktemp -d)
# Add PD Icons from
cp -a [^i0]*.png iconset.png $ICONDIR/classic.big
for n in [^i0]*.png iconset.png
do convert $n -resize 32x32\> $ICONDIR/classic.small/$n
# list all icons we want, sorting them by height then width
find $ICONDIR -iname '*.png' \
-not -iwholename '*people*' \
-not -iwholename '*wlan*' \
-not -iwholename '*rendering*' \
-not -iwholename '*svg*' \
| xargs identify -format '%i:%h:%w\n' \
| awk '{printf("%05d:%s\n",NR,$0)}' \
| sort -r -t':' -k3 -n -k4 -n > $allicons
echo "Calculating icon distribution"
fillregion 0 0 1024 1024 > $name.csv
echo "Icon distribution list is in $name.csv ($(cat $allicons | wc -l) not included)"
echo "Creating $name.png"
convert -quality 0 -size 0x0 xc:black $name.png
for line in $(cat $name.csv); do
convert $name.png \
-page +$(echo $line | cut -d':' -f2)+$(echo $line | cut -d':' -f3) \
"$(echo $line | cut -d':' -f1)" \
-background None -mosaic -quality 0 $name.png
# The for loop can also be replaced with these 3 lines, which is slower for
# some reason:
#convert $name.png `
# sed -e 's/\(.*\):\(.*\):\(.*\):.*:.*/ -page +\2+\3 \1/' <$name.csv` \
# -background None -mosaic -quality 0 $name.png
echo "Flattening image (see $name-flatten.png)"
# convert to binary transparency through thresholding of alpha channel
convert $name.png -channel matte -separate +channel -negate \
-threshold 25% -alpha off $tmpdir/mask.png
# add mask back to original image
composite -compose CopyOpacity $tmpdir/mask.png $name.png $tmpdir/binalpha.png
# set background for transparent regions and reduce colors
convert $tmpdir/binalpha.png -background black \
-flatten -colors 256 -type palette \
echo "Converting to bmp and xpm formats"
# imagemagick's bmp conversion doesn't seem to work well for
# windows mobile resource files, so we will use netpbm here instead
# convert $name-flatten.png -type palette $name.bmp
pngtopnm $name-flatten.png | ppmtobmp > $name.bmp
pngtopnm $tmpdir/mask.png | pnminvert | ppmtobmp > $name-mask.bmp
# imagemagick works ok for xpm though
convert $tmpdir/binalpha.png $name.xpm
# Suppress the icons Ulf is using to highlight errors
echo 'map-icons/classic.big/misc/deprecated.png:0:0:1:1
map-icons/square.small/misc/no_icon.png:0:0:1:1' >> $name.csv
rm -r $tmpdir